When it comes to Uwe Boll, you snooze, you loose…

Bloodrayne the movie opened last weekend. I didn’t get around to seeing it, but after hearing about the horrible reviews, I was looking forward to seeing the trainwreck this weekend. But I guess I wasn’t fast enough. The movie stinks so bad that the theaters in town aren’t showing it any more! Bastards!

I could go see Grandma’s Boy, but I’ve already seen it. I wouldn’t go see it again. If you haven’t seen it yet, it might be worth a matine, but I certainly wouldn’t bother paying full price for it.

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  1. Paul Herzberg

    Not to fish for hits or anything (as if I’d do anything so vulgar), but I wrote a long (for me) bit on Boll here: http://pherzb.blogspot.com/2006/01/uwe-boll-its-german-for-ed-wood.html . I’m probably looking forward to Bloodrayne for much the same reasons as you.

    Peter, in the comments to my blog, has found an article ( http://www.cinemablend.com/feature.php?id=209 ) that suggests, though, that Boll’s motives are a little more sinister than we give him credit for and Vince Keenan, also in the comments, points out an article ( http://www.filmjerk.com/new/article1576.html ) that shows Boll can’t even get distribution right.

  2. nowak

    Consider yourself fortunate and go and see “The New World” or something else equally more deserving of your money than another Uwe turd.

  3. meredith

    Apparently, the movie has made all of five dollars so far, yet his next movie already has a distribution deal.

    I did want to see the trainwreck in all its glory, but I guess I’ll wait for the dvd.