Jack Thompson: lawyer and man of compassion

Game Politics has a story of a gamer who committed suicide. Apparently, Jack Thompson, anti-videogame lawyer and compassionate man apparently posted a message so horrible that the comment was deleted and Game Politics has decided to no longer allow anonymous comments. MetalGearSolid.org got a copy of it before it was deleted and posted Jack Thompson’s response to the suicide. Here is the message that is attributed to Thompson:

Your “gamer friend” will find peace through the Lord, Jesus Christ, but sadly it’s too late for that.

There is a void in every heart. You can fill it up with the things of God, or the things not of God. This unfortunate soul chose to fill it up with combat games. The playing of these video games is masturbatory activity, meaning senseless self-stimulation. If you gamers could use a dictionary you would know that that term is not necessarily a sexual one.

The real tragedy here extends beyond the life and death of this one fellow. There are literally millions of young people and young adults whose despair is deepend by turning to the things of this world and then finding them meaningless.

All of you gamers need to put down the controllers and get a life. The utter inanity of the vast majority of postings here shows how vapid “gaming” really is.

You are one of the cheerleaders for this wasting of time and the wasting of lives. Do you feel any remorse for having contributed to this “culture of death?” Of course not. Hey, let’s all play MORE games, and ignore all the really productive things to do with our lives.

Let’s pretend to be shocked that a gamer might descend into deeper depression, as his gamer “buds,” knowing he was killing himself, couldn’t figure out how to call 911 themselves for him. That would have involved leaving their computers I guess.

Sad. Sad for all of you.”

One can only hope that this is not really Thompson and that it is just some tasteless joke by a troll. Whomever posted it must have a taste for irony. Suggesting that gamers don’t know the definition of a word when the person who posted this obviously doesn’t know the definition of what it means to be a good Christian or what it means to be compassionate strikes me as quite ironic.

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  1. meredith

    Good Lord. You hit the nail on the head — this is not a Christian viewpoint at all. Or even a very smart one.