A Request

What would be really nice would be a web site that reviews videogames and tells me which platform is the best for a specific game. I’ve got a PC and I’ve got an X-Box. So when a game is available for both of them it often becomes difficult to decide which to buy. Sure a game like Tony Hawk will almost certainly be better on X-Box because of the controller. However, what about a game like Deus Ex 2 or Prince of Persia? or Knights of the Old Republic? Someone make up my mind for me!!!

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  1. Anon Coward

    Gamespot actually does attempt to indicate which is the best platform for multi-platform games. (If you can wade through their seemingly infinite advertising – http://www.gamespot.com/)

    As an example they recommend KOTOR for the Xbox by a little “best” icon on their review page:


  2. bryan young

    Cool! Thanks!

  3. Walter

    IGN offers their Insiders *extremely* detailed comparisons for all the big cross-platform games. They’re very, very good.