One of the most

One of the most common arguments that those who are in favor of making laws restricting the sale of videogames (when not erroneously arguing that in the USA film ratings are governmentally enforced) is that the sale of pornography to minors is illegal, so why shouldn’t the sale of certain games be illegal?

Can anyone point me to a refernce on pornography laws in the USA? I’ve spend about half and hour searching online, Amazon, and the college library card catalog and I have yet to find anything that exaplins exactly what the pornography laws are in the USA. (The main problem is that any search tends to return logs of hits for child porn and internet porn laws. I want to know exactly what the laws about a kid buying Playboy are.) Anyone actually know what the law(s) are?

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  1. Robbie

    There seems to be a bit of information on wikipedia:

    It provides a summary of legal proceedings and the rationale that co-ordinated the proceedings, and links to to the cases themselves.

    The basis of the first part of the section on anti-pornography laws being that pornography degrades the “grand idea” of free speech as is pertains to protecting other, more credible media institutions. The page quotes that pornography perhaps shouldn’t be protected, as it is a “crass commercial exploitation of sex” – which is pretty ridiculous as an argument, since you could attack any hobby/interest magazine or TV programme with such arguments. Furthermore, it continues to suggest that pronography degrades the moral balance of society, which is perhaps the best argument against pornography, and the one that would most apply to video-game regulation – even though it is merely arguing to keep the status quo, rather than perhaps what may be a very culturally valuable medium in times to come.