AoIR Vancouver

So for the 3rd time in something like 2 years I’ve just gotten back from a conference in Vancouver. Vancouver must be some academic conference magnet or something.

AoIR was a good experience. Met some people from other departments in IU. Met some people from THE Ohio State U. Caught up with a couple people I had met at other conferences. Good stuff.

The conference was held at Simon Frasier University. I couldn’t help but think that there was a “T” missing from all of the SFU logos I saw around.

I gave my paper on the last day of the conference, during the last session, in the biggest room (the same room the keynotes were held in). The other person that was supposed to be on my panel didn’t show so it was just me. I’m sure the 6 people who showed up enjoyed my rousing presentation that raised lots of questions but offered no answers.

While DiGRA was great — mainly because it was in Tokyo — I think I made a lot more connections and had a lot better conversations with people at AoIR.

I have to say though that I’m all traveled out. Going to two different countries two months in a row and being 6ft 4 flying in coach is not my idea of a good time. Tall people shouldn’t have to ride in coach!

Now on to writing that prospectus thingy…

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  1. m2sE

    Digging for Games Research & Community building through MMOs info, wish I could read your paper re: Kill Me, but wanted to say that you know, flying Coach and driving sports cars are the bones nature throw us short peeps. No whining, tall guy- you’re statistically more likely to be President. 😉

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