Most Insulting Paper Title Ever?

I’m currently writing about LAN parties as third places and in doing some research I came across this article: Appeal of violent video games to lower educated aggressive adolescent boys.

Wow, could the researchers have a lower opinion of videogame players? So the only reason someone would like violent games is if they were uneducated and violent? Crazy.

I haven’t read the article so it could easily something more reasonable but as a title it sure is ponderous.

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  1. Dave

    They are not saying that boys who play video games are less educated and aggressive. What the title of the study is saying is merely pointing to the direction the study was taken in; that the demographic they have chosen to study are from a lower socio-economic class and who have higher levels of aggression and why they prefer to play violent video games. In other words does being less educated and having higher levels of aggression make you want to play violent video games.

    It has often been said that it is not the video games that cause violence, but a contribution of other factors such as lower education, area in which they are raised, aggression levels etc…

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