I can’t escape it!!!

OK, this whole “I’m researching videogames” thing has started to get to me. I’ve been on spring break this week (whooo party! …or not) and I have been visiting friends who don’t own videogames (I know, I know, it is hard to believe that a) there are such people and b) that I, of all people, would be friends enough with them, but it is true). Now I”m home and trying to get caught up on school work. All day I’ve been looking at my lonely X-Box and thinking — “Man, I really should play a little bit. It’s been a week since I’ve played” but not out of some (at least overt) addiction, but out of obligation, like I am somehow obligated to play.
I know I’ve talked about it before, but it is weird that a hobby has now become some sort of job. A great job, but it still feels weird.
Anyone else feel that way?

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  1. jvm

    Since I started my site, I feel obligated to play and try to post something substantive every week. What gets difficult is when I’m working on a longer, in-depth article and the site has to sit dormant. This is why I’d like to have more writers, but getting good writers who are motivated to write every week is difficult.

  2. meredith

    Now you know how I feel when I watch Degrassi the Next Generation… It’s hard work *sigh*

  3. Mia

    Yes, definitely! It seems to parallel my reading of theory books (yes I am a nerd in many ways)– when I’m not doing so, I feel obligated to get going, but once underway, I enjoy the activity.

    But it does seem pretty disturbing that I can view *playing* as a chore. I guess it proves that anything can be turned into work and feel like a duty.

    I don’t think we’re alone though- in the interviews I’ve done with various game designers and strategy guide writers, they rarely play games at all.

  4. Stewart Woods

    I’ve found it an interesting change. I get the inevitable smile whenever I mention what I do – like I have the greatest scam on earth going (to others, I can see why it might seem that way)
    But I do play games ‘differently’ now – whether that be isolated videogaming sessions or board games in a social setting, and I can’t help thinking that’s kinda sad – still, the pay-off is good 🙂