cryostasis and trying to use yahoo pipes to manage rss

I’ve been playing Cryostasis and wow it is pretty scary. Before it came out people were saying it was like Bioshock but I think it has a lot more in common with Penumbra: Overture. Like Penumbra: Overture, Cryostasis also takes place in a cold snow and ice-bound environment and while Cryostasis does have combat, it pretty well stinks and the majority of the game, like Overture, seems to be about figuring out what is happening and the scary environment.

I’ve also started playing an MMORPG that is in beta. Since it is in beta I’m not supposed to say anything about it which is weird since it isn’t really a “beta” but rather it is a big budget, MMO that is transitioning from a monthly subscription model to a free to play model. So although the game has been out a year or two and is based on a pen and paper rpg that started the whole pen and paper rpg genre I am not supposed to say anything about it. So I won’t. Except to comment that I’m amazed that it is also just like the only two other MMOs I’ve played, City of Heroes and Lord of the Rings Online. The combat is a little different but that’s about it. Since it is free I’ll probably play it every once in a while.

Finally, I’ve also been messing around with trying to use Yahoo Pipes to make a better way to keep track of any interesting sites people tag on Because delicious doesn’t really have a legitimate search, if you try “game” you will get something different than “games” for example. So I’m trying to use Pipes to aggregate as many variations on “videogame” and “theory” that seem useful. If anyone cares, here’s a link to the delicious videogame theory mashup pipe. I’m adding more delicious tags to it as I go so I suppose I should be cool and call it a “beta” (although the cool kids seem to have moved on to labeling thing as from their “labs” now rather than “beta.”). I don’t really know what I’m doing with programing the pipes so if anyone has a better method please let me know.

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  1. Brent S.

    I’ve been doing the Cryostasis thing myself here lately. I started shortly after I played Penumbra, and thought to myself it had to be by the same developers. It isn’t. It is certainly immersive, and it’s very interesting preventing people’s deaths, but just short of the Mosin being a blast to shoot (and really only because they hold off on you getting it for so long) the combat is pretty lame and lacks that subtle visceral touch that games like Condemned add.

    Overall though, I could have spent 30 dollars in worse ways.

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