Girls are dumb… …according to Sony

So this guy’s girlfriend is so dumb she doesn’t notice the guy pushing buttons on the controller or that certain scenes keep happening over and over when he dies? Or are they saying that Uncharted 2 is full of long cut scenes? It is nice to see Sony stretching out and advertising games to new markets like straight white men… (seriously though who is this commercial for? Any guy watching it who might be remotely interested would already be interested in the PS3. Maybe it is just to generate general brand awareness?)

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  1. Sum_Dum_Girl

    I know what game I’m not going to get. How pathetic.

  2. cyberzel

    @ Sum Dum Girl: Don’t blame the game, it’s really a brilliant game. Blame Sony, it’s really a dumb commercial which does no justice to whatever target audience they are trying to reach and certainly no justice to the game.
    @ Bryan: Wth were they thinking at Sony? Totally clueless, and not funny. If this is how they want to generate brand awareness, they should reconsider what kind of brand they want to put out there *sigh*

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