I like to shoot people!

I was out playing Counter-Strike with some guys in the computer lab earlier, and while I know I am certainly not the first to say so, videogame scholars really need to read Clifford Geertz’s Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight. (Note that this is an condensed version. Go find The Interpretation of Cultures or another book it appears in for the full version). Not only is Geertz an entertaining writer (something that is all too often lacking in academia, but he makes some interesting observations on what makes play and games exciting and involving.

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  1. meredith

    Geertz is one of my favorite scholars, if only because of the way he writes. He’s genuinely entertaining, and at the same time he’s brilliant. I think everyone should read Geertz.
    Your paper at PCA was all about “flow,” and this week’s (June 7) Sports Illustrated has an interesting article about that in sports. It’s in the cover story about Derek Jeter’s slump, and it talks about what happens when great hitters slump and when they do well. That issue isn’t up on SI’s website yet, but I think it will be by next week. It might be worth checking out.