Lesen Sie Deutschen?

In order to get my language requirement out of the way for my phd I’m taking German this summer. The second summer session just started Friday (the day after the first session ended!) and we have to write a paper (in English!) using sources written in German. So what are some good internet available videogame essays written in German? I’ve run across a couple, but can always use some more.

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  1. Stewart Woods

    …and this serves your PhD research how? 🙂

  2. bryan young

    it’s one of those hoops they make people jump through I guess. However, i’m always hearing about how German is a big gaming country so I would imagine there’s got to be at least a few interesting articles out there written in German. (I took German in hich school, so that’s why I’m taking it now)
    I know I should be taking Japanease or Korean or something, but German is kicking my ass as it is!

  3. Stewart Woods

    Guess I’m lucky here in Oz – If someone told me I’d have to revisit language learning to get a PhD I think I’d have run a mile – learning academese can be tortuous enough 😉

    Good luck, Haben Sie Spaß!

  4. David Thomas


    Check out Julian’s site:


    I think his MA is in German. At the least, I am sure he would know what was worth reading in German about games.).


    Viel Spaß!


  5. Bryan-mitchell young

    cool, thanks. I’ve found a few papers, but I’ve not sat down and struggled through the translations on any of them yet.

  6. Helen

    I wonder if you got your PhD.
    Could you please tell me some other sites you found.
    Thanks a lot