change is in the air..

Four short posts about change:

So, not to like get anyone’s hopes up, but I think I’m just about done messing about with the css for the new layout. Look for a new improved design early next week!

On game related news, it seems that Doom 3 is going to come out fairly soon. I guess that is even more motivation to buy a new computer.
However, I have to say that if it is like the preview that they showed at E3 a couple years ago that had the constant mini-cutscenes, I will be very dissapointed. All I ask is no cutscenes! Don’t show me doing something, let me do it!

Speaking of E3, from the debut of the PSP and the Nintendo DS at the last E3, it looks like the landscape of gaming could be changing with the good old gameboy having some serious competition. I’ve never been much of a mobile gamer, I’ve never owned a gameboy — although I did have a handheld Space Invaders game back in the day. I turned over the score counter on it. See mom and dad, I wasn’t wasting my time, I was doing research for my future career! You got to have that cultural capital man!

But nexy year’s E3 seems to be the one where everyone will be showing off their new consoles. I don’t know. I feel like it is time to replace the PS2. Some may disagree, but I think it’s limitations are holding back some cross platform games. But I don’t really feel like my x-box has reached the end of its life yet. I think it has a couple more years left in it. And of course with Microsoft radically changing the architecture of the NeXtbox (whatever it ends up being called) there won’t be any backwards compatability. However, I think the idea of modding one of the current boxes and archiving a bunch of games on it does look compelling.

Well, wasn’t that just disjointed and rambling?

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  1. Cyberzel

    Can’t wait to see the all new and improved! ^_^
    Ha and I’m doing research my whole life… now, could I just make it into a career…