German Doonsbury and Jack Thompson

Been terribly busy with the German class. I’m in the middle of doing hurried translations of some German-language videogame articles so I can write up an annotated bibliography and then go back to being a monolingual American!

This morning I saw that the comic strip Doonsbury had recently ran a week long series of strips about videogames. I hadn’t seen anyone mention it, so it is worth a read through if you haven’t seen it already.

Of course one of the stories that is getting the most buzz is the murder in the UK that is supposesd to involve the game Manhunt. Of course you know our good friend Jack Thompson had to get his nose involved. Some sources are even alledging the family of the murdered boy have hired him to sue Sony. Who knew that Jack was able to practice law outside of America? Of course now that the police have said that they don’t see any connection to the game, but that doesn’t seem to have caused Jack to say that he might have been wrong.

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  2. Tore Vesterby

    The (translated) Doonsbury videogame strips caught my eye here in our paper Denmark. I just brushed them aside as a classic “videogames are evil because they distract us from proper human relations” rant. But I may have missed something over my morning coffee.

    Still it seems terribly similar to the “debates” I had with my parents in the mid 80’s over the time I spendt in arcades in downtown Yokohama. I guess that generation gap still hasn’t been breached.