g4m3rs 4 gØd???

I was going to go teach Monday and I saw something interesting on a bulletin board. There was a flyer for a Halo tournament. That is far from unusual, but was unusual was that it was hosted by the campus Christian Student Fellowship house. I guess they are trying to use videogames to convert people?
g4m3rs 4 gØd???
Of course to show how much gaming is naturalized in my mind, the fact that Halo was chosen by a group of Christians was probably not accidental did not even occur to me until a friend pointed it out to me!

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  1. meredith

    It’s a great pun.

  2. yo

    why you gotta hate the christians bitch?

  3. Bryan-Mitchell Young

    So what did I or Meredith say that could possibly be construed as “hating” the Christians? Although if Christians think that calling someone “bitch” is an acceptable form of address, I suppose that is at least one reason.

  4. Walter

    Too funny.