Daily Archives: October 31, 2003

reposted from my old blog Friday, October 31, 2003

So I’m getting ready to go to a LAN party this weekend to do some ethnography as well as kick some ass. I figure that’s as good an excuse as any to catch up on some of the games I haven’t gotten around to buying yet. However installing these games reminds me of one of my greatest frustrations with installing games that come on multiple cd’s. I have more than one cd drive. Why won’t many (not all) games let me put install disk in one drive and disk two in the other? What is wrong with these people?

Dear Game Developers,
Stop pissing me off. Let me use both of my cd drives when I install your games.
Thank You.

Some games do this and I applaud them. However those that don’t piss me off. So stop it.

Also of note is that many many articles are publicizing the new lawsuit against the makers of grand theft auto due to the shooting without noting that Jack Thompson is a man with an anti-videogame agenda whose lawsuits have all done nothing but line his pockets thus far. That’s good journalism there boys.