Daily Archives: February 14, 2004

MTV does videogames

Over at Gamegirladvance, there is an article about MTV using game footage in videos. Actually, it seems that all the examples that people have are EA games. So rather than MTV getting into gaming, is EA getting into videos becasue I’m sure they don’t care if it is MTV or MuchMusic or Fuse that airs their promotional material, just as long as it gets aired. Of course it is also probably the case of big corporation EA getting into bed with (presumably) even bigger corporation Viacom.

I saw one of the MTV/EA segments and left this post over at gamegirladvance:

Recently MTV has been jumping on the videogame bandwagon. They
had a videogame countdown show and more recently a “Video Mods” show
which took videogame footage and set it to music. I found a link that
talked about it here.

The one video I saw was a remix of N.E.R.D. song, which is of course
fronted by Pharrell of the Neptunes and is of African decent. Number of
non-whites in the “video mod”? zero.

work is so hard!

I’ve started doing my ethnographic work here. I spent the evening playing Counter-Strike with a handful of gamers. It was interesting to get to play against experienced players again (I was the worst one there) as well as to put on my ethnographer hat and study them. My little research subjects.
I spent three hours playing. So what was the first thing I did when I got home? Started playing Grand Theft Auto. Maybe there is something to this videogame addiction thing.