Daily Archives: March 23, 2006

What I’m playing…

I’m getting ready to write a paper about depictions of race — and in this case distinct species — in the Aliens vs. Predator videogames, so I’m replaying those. (except for the Jaguar version since I donn’t have an Atari Jaguar). I still think the first one is much better than the second one.

I also picked up Quake 4. I liked it. It was better than Doom 3. However, as lotsof others have pointed out, it is really linear with lots of locked doors that you have to unlock. Still, I liked it.

I got the dvd version of Quake 4 because it was the same price as the regualr version. It came with Quake 2 and the expansion packs for it. I’ve never played the the expansion packs, so I might install Quake 2 and find one of the source code mods and play through the expansion pack.