Daily Archives: May 21, 2009

Dissertation writing

The summer is here and that means one thing: lots of writing.
I’m starting to write the dissertation and I’m 15 pages in on my first chapter. I’m starting to get burned out from writing so much but I’m going to go see the new Terminator tomorrow. I know it isn’t getting very good reviews but big deal, right?
I’m writing about the community of LAN parties and coming up a bunch of question without answers. Is it a community? if so, in what way? Is it a thrid place? Oldenburg explicitly says that a room full of people playing videogames isn’t a third place but he was writing that back before multiplayer games were common. However, he also makes a big deal about talking as being very important but there isn’t much talking going on at the LAN parties….
So many questions!
And the new Team Fortress 2 update is out!