Daily Archives: July 7, 2009

Yahoo pipes rss update

With some help from someone on the yahoo pipes message board (who did all the hard work. I’m not even 100% sure how the thing works to be honest because it uses regex and I don’t know anything about regular expressions) I was able to get a “beta” of my yahoo pipes delicious.com videogame theory ultimate rss mashup working. here’s a link to the page for it. It asks you to put in some terms but the default ones work fine. (If there are any i’m missing let me know.)

This came about from the fact that delicious (I still want to type del.icio.us) isn’t smart enough to search for synonyms. So if you search for things tagged “videogame” is won’t search for “videogames” or “games.” Additionally, just searching for “videogame” will turn up anything related to videogames which isn’t all that useful to my purposes. So what tag do you add? theory? academic?

So what the pipe does is runs all the combinations of one group of terms (in this case variations on the term “videogame”) with a second group of terms (in this case terms that people might use for videogame theory stuff). Because there are lots of sites that might be tagged with all the terms it also tried to filter out duplicates.

My next step is to take this basic pipe and also apply it to twitter and friendfeed searches with all the term combinations so that it will pick up any posts on those that might be of interest to videogame studies people.