A “Far Cry” from how it used to be…

A long time ago I wrote:

Dear Game Developers,
Stop pissing me off. Let me use both of my cd drives when I install your games.
Thank You.

Well, yesterday I saw Far Cry on sale for $19.99 and so I bought it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the DVD version, but the 5 CD version. I got home and began to install it. I put disk one in my main cd drive (which is of course a dvd drive…) and put disk 2 in my other cd drive (which, of course, is also a dvd drive… see a pattern here?). I had anticipated on trying to switch the drive letter when it asked for disk 2. However, imagine my surprise when it asked for disk 3! It automatically knew that I had disk 2 in the other drive and didn’t even ask me for it. Sweet! I applaud Crytek or ubisoft or whoever it was that made the installer smart enough to know I have two disk drives!

However, as far as the game itself goes… All of you people that gave it 90% and higher. Where can I get some of that crack you’re smoking? I mean, I’m only an hour into it or so, but the game seems really blaa and unremarkable. Sure it is all outside, but that’s more or less the only remarkable feature I’ve seen so far. Of course I have barely gotten into it, so I won’t judge it too harshly, yet. It might get more awesomness-ativity later on.

In other news, I’m heading up to Chicago Monday to take in the Game On exhibit. I’ve been waiting for this to get stateside since I got the book and wrote a review of it (thank goodness for Archive.org! even though Joystick101 is back online, the archives seem to be missing and I can’t find my original copy of the review). I’ll be sure to give my rundown of the exhibit when I get back in town. Check out some other people’s comments over at slashdot.

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