Still ashamed to be a gamer…

Unfortunately, little seems to have changed since I first announced that I was ashamed to be a gamer. While I haven’t seen any magazines as gratuitous as those, the spectacle of E3 has brought it’s fiar share of shame.

Over at they had a link posted to’s column on their 2005 E3 Hall of Shame in which the have pictures of a few of the “Both Babes” they found most offensive (The also have a rundown of their Historic Hall of Shame features “Booth Babes” of years goine by).

I’m not so ashamed by having “Booth Babes” pimping the games, as I am by the negative reaction to the article that many of the posters on Slashdot had to the idea that there *might* be something wrong with having “Booth Babes” to sell your product and how hard people try to justify it. It is funny to see shuch a gorup of people that are so quick to judge others as sheep refuse to stip and think that maybe there might be another way to get people interested in your games…

..of course that is only once you get past the lengthy discussion on how much money strippers make…

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  1. dan

    Great post! Thanks for the clever analysis of the whole dust-up.

  2. Mister Two

    I completely agree with that guy Brian who responded to your earlier post. So, you’re ashamed that [gasp] games are marketed to the future frat-boy audience? And you’re a Ph.D student? Seriously, how long have you been out of Mayberry, son?

    Here’s my reading of you: you’ve spent your whole life in a small town in the Midwest (or South) and you’ve never done anything but school as a career. I’d say you’re probably a shut-in, too, since you seem so out of touch with what’s going on out there in the gaming world. How else could you be so naive about how people enjoy video games?

  3. Bryan-Mitchell Young

    So if you don’t like the objectification of women or acting like a “frat-boy” then you must be a shut-in, out of touch and never done anything but school?

    I wouldn’t presume to say that I’m not out of touch, because that is trying to convince someone you really are cool, but I don’t think I’m a shut-in and not only did I have lots of summer jobs as an undergrad, I had “real” jobs for 3 years before I went back to get my masters and had another “real” job for a over a year before I started my PhD.

    Regardless of all the personal attacks, I never said I was suprised by the booth babes or things like G4’s VideoGame vixens. If I had said that, then I would agree that it would sound like someone who was out of touch or a shut-in.

    What I said was that I was ashamed to be a gamer because all things like this do are to perpetuate the stereotype that gamers are “future frat-boys.”

    Call me crazy but being interested in booth babes sounds a lot more like a shut-in than someone who finds them lame and immature.