Unclean! Unclean!!!

Last night G4 aired the first episode of Video Game Vixens. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. I tried to make it to the first commercial break, I really did. However, it was just too lame for me, the prude that I am…

However, the first five or so minutes were more than enough for me. The show is hosted by Hal Sparks. I supposed this is the biggest celebrity that G4 has ever had on a show. To make the show kewl, he is introduced by a DJ. But then again, so is Ellen DeGeneres and while I like Ellen and her show isn’t horrible, cool isn’t one of the words I would use to describe her. Nor is it one of the words I would use to describe the Video Game Vixens. The “Videogame Vixen Judges” are an “eclectic” group to put it politely. Even though she was sitting in the middle and not on the end the first person they introduced was “WWE Rookie Diva of 2005,” Joy Giovanni. It is odd that even though I am a fan of professional wrestling, I didn’t recognize her. The second judge was game writer Seanbaby who does a pretty funny column for EGM. The last judge was some guy from MTV’s Road Rules. I guess now we know what happens to former reality show participants.

Interestingly, even though the show is Video Game Vixens, according to the website, the judges are “Videogame Vixen Judges” which means that rather than take a side in the “videogame” vs. “video game” debate the show just uses both versions of the word. That’s on purpose, I’m sure and not the result of shoddy production values.

Then they started showing clips of videogame characters and I decided to go and actually play a game.

The show did get off to an interesting start, though. They did a sketch of a beauty contest and then Laura Croft, Bloodrayne and some other woman came in and kicked ass. Since they were portrayed by living breathing women, it was kind of interesting. However, I suppose that the fact that the highlight of the show was the opening is faint praise.

Lest anyone think I’m judging the whole show on just watching the first 5 or so minutes, I did record it and plan on watching the whole thing sometime this week. If there is something more of merit to Video Game Vixens, I will post a retraction.

Commence holding breath…

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  1. kathunter

    Yeah, I have not seen the show yet. My first reaction is to think, how in the hell could this be a show? But if I think of it as simply a platform for good jokes, then maybe it is ok. Hopefully I will see it next week… Bad idea. Hopefully good jokes.