Jack Thompson, author

Jack Thompson, noted videogame hating, pithy email writing attorney has a book coming out. The title of the book is Out of Harm’s Way. The first chapter is available as a pdf and it seems to be an autobiography. Most of the first chapter is devoted to his conversion to Christianity. The odd part, however, is the the first before you get to that, Thompson has written a page and a half about Howard Stern, once saying that, “His new name should be Coward Stern.” Then we get three pages about an early encounter he had with Janet Reno (who Thompson once claimed was a closeted lesbian and would be unfit to be elected because someone might try to blackmail her about her sexuality… Except the fact that we know about this alleged incident seems to imply that it would be hard to blackmail her because Thompson already “outed” her…).

All in all name calling and offering a very unflattering portrayal of someone don’t seem very Christian to me…

Regardless, it once again raises an interesting dilemma. I really really want to read this book, but I also really really don’t want to give Thompson any of my money. Which will win out, my morbid curiousity or my morality? I guess time will tell once it comes out at the end of the year.

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  1. Corvus

    How about this? Support your local library instead! If you really feel the need to pay money for the book, keep it out an extra week and pay the fine.

  2. Hitomi28

    Try renting it at a library! This way, you can read it without having to give the author your money for it! Then, both your morality and curiosity should be satisfied! Well, you might have to wait a little bit until the libary buys it, but all the same;-)

  3. O.G.H.C.

    “His new name should be Coward Stern.”

    Ooohh!! ZING! Nice! Man, that is so ORIGINAL and FRESH, my god why isn’t this guy doing standup; dear lord; I’d pay so much money to see him perform up in the Catskills, this guy is so incredibly smart and charming and FUNNY! He’s funny! What a great guy that Jack Thompson.

    I’ll tell you, man- libraries exist so we don’t have to pay this asshole a dime.

    He’s the Ann Coulter of Video Games, he’s not stupid; he knows that if he directs attacks on those who have built up their fanbase beyond that which he himself can attain, then they will counter in such a way that addresses the phrase “no publicity is bad publicity.”

    Screw him.

    I’ll read his book the day they invent some apparatus to force my eyes open in some recreation of A Clockwork Orange in an attempt to condition my behavior via sickness inducing drugs.

  4. Jason

    Perhaps read a library copy?