I can’t open my browser without hitting a Jack Thompson story

Man, everyone has jumped on the Jack Thompson bandwagon, haven’t they? I wonder if this is the new All Your Base? Of course there’s the whole deal with Penny Arcade. While I like Penny Arcade a lot, I read it every day — yes I know that they only update 3 days a week, but that’s how much I like it! ,, however, you don’t mess with Penny Arcade! Hell, I’ve probably just unleashed a hoard of rabid fanboys by just linking to them!

So now, it seems that the people on the Penny Arcade forum have pestered the Florida State Bar Association and now poor old Jack is under investigation

If he gets a letter of reprimand, his response will be something like this: “dear idiot: you initially contacted me. stop, or else. got it?

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