Very Interesting Jack Thompson Video…

I went to yahoo’s video search and did a search for “Jack Thomson” and came across a video of good old Jack talking about Janet Reno. The page with embedded video (which starts as soon as you go there) is called, “Jack Thompson Exposes Reno at [IBT] Indianapolis Baptist Temple.” There is another page that just has the links to the videos. It is over an hour long, and I only watched part four, but it is quite and insight into how Jack Thompson thinks. In just that part he calls Janet Reno, Hillary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt lesbians, Says that the Clinton administration was a bunch of witches and that if Janet Reno isn’t the antichrist, she is close to it. Now, I’m no expert on Janet Reno, and I didn’t vote for Clinton (I didn’t vote for Bush either, but I did vote!), but those are some extraordinary claims.

The videos are hosted on the American Patriot Friends Network website and while there’s no evidence that Thompson endorses or ever had anything to do with that site, it is a very interesting site. If you look around, you can find out the “truth” about the World Trade Center and 9/11, AIDS is a manufactured virus, and that the United States is secretly still a British colony

Again, I have no evidence that Jack Thompson has anything to do with this website. However, it is interesting to know that Jack’s talk about Janet Reno was given at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. I’d never heard of the place, so I did a search for Indianapolis Baptist Temple and it seems like the temple has a pretty colorful history of its own.

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