The real reason THompson doesn’t like videogames…

I just ran across an interview with Jack Thompson that Spong did back in October. In the interview, Thompson states:

No, I am not in any sense a ‘gamer’. I’ve been too busy to do that. If that response is taken to be a criticism of how gamers spend their time, it is because it is intended to be. The “do violent games spawn violence?” debate is one thing people disagree on, even though all the evidence is on my side. But I’m not sure how any human being with a life and a conscience can justify spending any considerable time playing games in what amounts to useless mental masturbation that helps absolutely no-one. Seriously, my generation had left still the residue of the notion that your life (the substance of which is time) doing something for others. How does playing GTA 20 hours a week help anyone other than Take-Two CEO and sociopath Paul Eibeler? Games are largely a waste of time, in other words. People need to be ‘stewards’ of their time – again, a concept (stewardship) that is largely foreign to the gaming community and to the younger generations generally.

Funny how this is very similar to Roger Ebert’s dismissal of videogames. Perhaps we should stop spending our time trying to get people to think that videogames are art and just trying to get some respect for them first. Without respect, how can we convince anyone that they are art in the first place???

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