Videogame clothing

Now, I’m not one to wear an Atari shirt or something, but i just saw a really cool article of clothing. I don’t usually watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Is Extremem Makeover: Body Mutilation Edition even on any more???), but I flipped it on to see the end. Ty Pennington not only actually had a shirt on, but also had a jacket on. The cool part of the jacket was that it was a black raincoat-style material but it had outlines of while circles on it. Then they showed a close-up of Ty. It wasn’t a white circle pattern — it was an Asteroids pattern!!!

I totally want one!!!! I haven’t been able to find one online, so if anyone sees one you have to leave a message!

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  1. Jay

    were you able to get any feedback on what kind of jacket it was. the only thing i was able to see were two letters on the shoulder part, AK. i think it was a K, but i knew for sure the first letter was an A.