Back from Vancouver… again…

So I got back from presenting at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies in Vancouver. I had a pretty good time in Vancouver. However, the conference itself wasn’t all that usefull. Suprisingly, there aren’t that many people at a conference primarilly about film that are interested in videogames. Although the society changed its name a few years ago from teh Society for Cinema Studies to the current appellation, I think I heard people at teh conference say “SCS” more than “SCMS” by a factor of two to one. Sure, SCS is easier to say, but one can’t help but feel marginalized when someone says something to the effect that, “We shouldn’t forget television people. They get overlooked to often.” If television people get overlooked at SCMS, then one can only imagine what it is like to primarilly interested in a medium other than film or television!

However, take heart, because all but one of the graduate students from IU presented papers on topics other than film. The conference is going to be in CHicago next year, so I’ll probably go ahead and submit something again. If it was farther away than that, I might not bother. However, the more nonfilm or tv people go, the better. Anyone want to put together a panel for next year?

Also, I’ve added a couple more links to the blogroll on the main page, so be sure to take a look at them. I’ve got the links set for random since I don’t want to be responsible for prioritizing them. However, they are all nice blogs, so check them all out.

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