Battlefield 2142 — Africa is for Europeans???

I’ve never really played the Battlefield games. I’ve got the original Battlefield 1942 around soemwhere and I played Desert Combat at an IU Lanwar a couple years ago, but that is about it.
The new issue of PC Gamer has a cover story about the new Battlefield 2142. It looks fun and all with mechs and stuff. However, I noticed one thing in the article that I found kind of disturbing. The article states:

War will take place over who gets the best of what’s left after a new ice age. While most of the fighting will take place in northern Africa (as only a quarter of the Earth’s surface is still livable under these dire circumstances, mostly centered around the equator), it’s certainly possible that Far East countries might join in the fun in future expansions. The two factions involved are “the American-European Alliance, made up of the American continents and most of Europe,” and the “Pan Asian Coalition, a combination of Russia, the Middle East, and India.”

So the equator is the only place habitable because of the ice age and the Western countries and the Far Eastern countries are fighting it out over the remaining land. Well, that sounds cool and all but last time I looked at a map the equator ran through South American and Africa. Isn’t it odd that there isn’t any mention of THE PEOPLE THAT ALREADY LIVE THERE???? One would think that a game set in Africa would feature, you know, Africans.

Of course this is just a preview and there is very little actual information out about the game, so who knows, maybe EA will suprise me and there actually might be some people from the place where the game actually takes place. Yeah, right. And maybe hell will freeze over too…

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  1. Jason

    I had *exactly* the same reaction. How odd (and embarrassing?) to, uh, forget Africa?