School has returned and so have I

So exams are over …for now. I have to revisit them in January, but it will be the same material, so I’m not terribly concerned.
Gaming related, watching the latest trailer for Half-Life 2 Episode 2, I was reminded of my major gripe with Episode 1. In Episode 1, there is an Antlion QUeen (according to wikipedia, it is a technically a guard, but it seems more like the queen of the hive to me). After killing it, that is it. You can’t get the antlion scent and use it to turn antlions to your side. According to WIkipedia, getting the scent gland is, “an act which is said cannot be done by humans,” but I’m not sure where such information came from. I don’t remember that in the game. While playing Episdoe 1 I was totally looking forward to being able to use the antlions! I suppose that this is a place where that carefully crafted system where Alyx makes useful comments could have come in handy. She could have said something like, “too bad we can’t get that pheremon sack, isn’t it Gordan?”

It is intersting how a single line would have prevented me from being disappointed. As it is, it seems as if the possibility that the antlions can be controlled is just ignore within the game world. There were so many areas with antlions it would have been interesting to take control of them. Oh well, perhaps in Episode 2

So what would a line of dialog such as the one I proposed be considered? Is it narrative? Does it add to teh story line? Or is it something else? It seems that such a line might be similar to a situation where when telling a story someone brings up a detail, as an aside, as a way of reasuring the listener(s) that the detail hasn’t been forgotten or that it may be brought up later. Do such elements have names, besides foreshadowing or asides? Do they serve the story? Do they serve to placate plisteners/players? Inquiring minds want to know! Inquiring minds like me!

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