Jack Thompson strikes again…

On Saturday, Jack Thompson, house husband, announced:

On Monday, September 25, Thompson will journey to another state and announce, with his co-counsel, the filing of what will likely prove to be hugely significant wrongful death action against Sony and Take-Two. The angel is in the details, as this battle in the “culture war” may indeed eclipse even what is going on in Alabama.

So today the case was officially announced and, true to his word, the “angel is in the details.” The case is a wrongful death lawsuit Cody Posey and the makers of “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”

For those who don’t recall the case, Cody Posey killed his father, step-mother and step-sister when he was 14. The part where the details come in is that during a police interview Posey claimed his father forced him to have sex with his step-mother and during the trial testified that his father has emotionally and physically abused him for years.

So Thompson is involving himself in a case where he is saying that it was videogames and not years of abuse that drove Posey to kill his family. Nice one Jack. Way to pick your battles.

The article goes on to state that the lawsuit is being filed by the members of the father’s family. Hunting around on the CourtTV site there is some evidence that there is a rift between the family of the Cody’s father and his mother in which the father’s family denies the abuse allegations and wanted Cody punished to the maximum extent of the law while the mother’s family wanted a more lenient sentence. Since the court handed down a rather lenient sentence, my opinion is that Thompson has simply been caught up in a bitter battle between two groups over whether or not Cody Posey’s father really was abusive. As this lawsuit is brought against both Cody Posey and the makers of GTA, there is little doubt that the mother’s side of the family will strongly emphasize the abuse angle. I’m betting that Jack is getting into much more than he bargained for here.

Of course the cynical part of me predicts that when the mother’s family brings up the abuse charges and makes the father out to be horrible people, Jack will turn his back on the case claiming that he didn’t know about the abuse allegations thereby avoiding another loss in court…

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