So are there any good pc games coming out before Christmas?

I just finished playing FEAR and found it fairly entertaining. I don’t expect to get the expansion pack though. At least not until it gets really cheap.

Which brings up an interesting point. I don’t really have any games to play right now and I can’t find anything good coming out in the next couple months. I would love to play Dead Rising, but I’m poor and can’t afford a 360. I’m also not really a console gamer so I have no plan on getting a Wii or PS3 — and since I’m no fan of Sony someone would have to give me one before I owned a PS3.

So is the PC gaming market taking the year off and wiating for the consoles to come out before they release anything interesting for PCs?

I am looking forward to Bio-SHock, but it isn’t coming out untill next year. There is also Half-Life 2 Episode 2 (still a confusing name) which is also pushed back untill next year. Even the They Hunger game is eerilly silent on its release date.

While there are some WWII games coming out, man, I am sick of WWII. Even if they are the Greatest Generation, WWII ain’t the greatest setting for gaming. Give it up already! Let’s not even talk about Battlefield 2142…

So it seems like this Holiday season I will be catching up on my reading…

…unless of course someone wants to buy me one of those Playstation 3s…

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  1. Brian Damage

    If you ever need to know what’s coming out for PC and when, check out Gamespot’s New PC Releases list. It’s a week-by-week schedule of confirmed release dates.

    Call of Juarez just came out but I’m really unimpressed with it. Darkstar One is quite fun if you like space combat and trade. The new Tiger Woods game is out next week, and the first episode of the new Sam & Max adventure series is released the week after. I think Hellgate: London is out shortly as well!

    It’s almost time for the Xmas rush so expect to see all kinds of PC gaming goodness on the horizon!

  2. covert.c.

    Oh yes, something for everyone!

    Neverwinter Nights 2.
    Dark Messiah (of Might and Magic) with multiplayer.
    Splinter Cell 4.
    World of Warcraft : Burning Crusade.

    In fact, forget Christmas! October is gonna be a great month!