Video Game Violence is apparently the number one issue in this election???

It is highly interesting to see how videogames have become such an important issue. What we have here is not simply a failure to communicate, but a generation gap. Old people are statistically heavier voters. Older people are statistically less likely to play videogames. Old people get scared, vote against the person who didn’t “protect the children.” I can’t wait for our gaming generation to get in power.

Since my last post about anti-violent videogame political ads it seems that the other issues have all but disappeared from the airwaves. I can’t turn on a local channel without seeing one of those videogames are evil commercials. Of course it doesn’t hurt that these ads are by National Republican Congressional Committee and not by a specific candidate. That way they can take money from a lot more places than just Indiana and pay for the ads and it also allows the candidates to have plausible deniability since they didn’t “approve this message.”

Last week I got a call from a political party talking about how one candidate voted against lowering taxes for families and things like that. Today, however, I just got a call about how bad it was to vote against laws for prohibiting the sale of violent videogames to children. I’m glad we got that war thing taken care of so that we can turn our attention to these important topics. Oddly enough, the call started off by saying how the opposition had been running negative ad campaigns and then went on to talk about how horrible the opposition candidate was! Irony be thy name!

Anyway, I asked the person what was wrong with voting against some stupid violent videogame law. She seemed stunned by that and repeated the questions, “Is there something wrong with voting against laws that would protect children from violent videogames?” I said, “Yeah, what’s wrong with that?” She then said maybe the opposition was “out of touch with Hoosier values.” I said I was a Hoosier and asked if she thought there was something wrong with my values. Then she hung up.

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