Seriously Odd Videogame commercial.

As nearly anyone who cares about gaming is no doubt aware, Gods of War is coming out for the XBox 360 fairly soon. It isn’t Halo 3 coming out the same day as the PS3, but it is pretty good in terms of marketing.

When it come to the advertising, I’m a bit stumped. The latest commercial really has me confused as to what it is that they are trying to get across with this ad:
The music is Gary Jules’ Mad World which is probably most familiar to those who have seen Donnie Darko (of course I’m l33t and heard it on WOXY back in the day).

Are they trying to be arty? Are they trying to show some sort of gravitas? Or are they just trying to be emo? Hopefully, someone can clue me in, because I’m just confused. …And now I want to buy an xbox360.

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