Are you listening??

I’ve become a big fan of podcasts mainly since Leo Laporte started putting up his radio show and then started the TWiT podcasts.

While and PCGamer and even the IUGaming Club have gaming related podcasts, they are all mostly news-related and talking about new games that are coming out. That’s fine, and I sometimes listen to them, but I’ve often thought that there should be a videogame studies podcast. I’ve thought about doing it myself, but I think it would be boring just listening to me talk.

One nice podcast with somewhat of a games studies edge to it is the NPR-funded podcast, Press Start, which is hosted by Robert Holt, Kyle Orland and Ralph Cooper. I only wish it would come out more often!

Another podcast I occasioinally listen to is No One’s Listening which is not about videogames but about media in general. Now I have to be honest, a lot of times I find myself rolling my eyes at them because they seem so ignorant and naive about media literacy, which is the very thing they are supposed to be talking about.

Recently, however, they did a special about videogames. Although listening to hosts whoh admittedly know nothing about videogames or the issues surrounding them can be very irritating, the episode, called Games Under Fire, is worth a listen. If nothing else, you can download it and fast forward through the irritating parts.

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