Where’s the hype???

So now the Wii, the PS3 and the XBox360 are all out. Where’s the hype? Is there anyone else who seems like there really isn’t any rason to buy any of these? Only the Wii with it’s remote controller seems to be worthwhile at all. Gears of War looks cool, but I don’t know why it would take a 360 to play it.
I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t seen any games coming out lately that I’m really interested in, so perhaps I’m just getting jaded?
I’m intersted in HL2 Episode 2, and ummm…. that’s about it. If Dead Rising would come out for PC, I’d be all over that.

So what AM I playing?
I am playing a bit of HL2 on the XBox, and I’m playing a lot of Weird Worlds.

So the question is, “Is the lack of games I find interesting my problem or the industry’s problem?”
I would imagine both. I’m poor and I’m busy, so the few things out there that do look interesting I don’t have money or time to hunt out. Hopefully after the new year I’ll have more time. Untill then, come on gaming industry! Give me some spectacle!

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