90% of everything

I’ve had some free moments in the past couple days so i’ve started reading some videogame studies articles I’ve been meaning to get around to. Some of them are pretty good. But lots of them are not. To be nice. I know it isn’t a new observation, but 90% of everything is crap. Now that videogame studies seems to be the hip new thing (I was here first posers! 😉 ) there is more and more to read and more and more of it seems less than earth shattering. Of course many may say that of my work, but I’m not naming any names here so be kind! It is kind of sad though to see the field filling with mediocrity.
Of course I was pleasently surprized when the Popular Culture Association program was put online. There are several videogame panels. Quite a big difference from two years ago in Toronto when there were three of us videogame people on one panel. Of course, there is that 90% of everything is crap and the PCA has certainly adhered to that rule the two times I’ve gone in the past. Oh well, I can be that ass in the audience who askes rude obnoxious questions.

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