I am SO not in with the in crowd…

After hearing about it for what seems like forever, I bit the bullet and downloaded Second Life. So can you guess what I thought about it?

That’s right. I didn’t get it.
I will go back and spend some more time in it but right now, I just don’t get it.

Now that shouldn’t be a big surprise because I also didn’t get the Sims. I continue not to get the Sims.

I also didn’t get what was so great about Buffy and why academics thought it was so awesome. Especially when Xena was better and did all the things Buffy did but first!

But I’m sure that most other academics don’t get why I’m researching first-person shooters.

Oh well. They can have fun researching their 16th century poets and such while I’m in Tokyo!

In addition to going to DiGRA I’m also heading to the Association of Internet Researchers Conference in my perpetual conference city Vancouver. (This will be the 3rd conference in 3 years that I’ve gone to in Vancouver!)

Maybe I can get in with the in crowd at Tokyo or Vancouver!

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