busy busy busy

been busy. School started so I’m teaching but because going to Japan is expensive I’m picking up some additional teaching at the community college. So technically I’m teaching 6 classes. But 3 of them are online so that isn’t too bad. Of course it has only been 2 weeks so what do I know?

Starting to hear about some of the web2.0 game journalist people mentioning going to the Tokyo Game Show. I hope I’m not so totally jetlagged out that I can’t make it. And I hope that they will be there on the last day of the show. I’m just going to go hunting down non-Asian people there and ask them if they are American and/or internet famous.

If I do happen to run into anyone in the gaming press I will encourage them to stick around and check out DiGRA so maybe it can get some coverage. That would be swell.

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