Tokyo Game Show

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So when I got up I decided to try to go out to the Tokyo Game Show. Luckily, I didn’t have any problems navigating the train system (although I think I overpaid on my way out but so what?).

Overall the show was pretty darn cool. Loots of noise and tons of people. Also tons of boothbabes. It was very weird seeing all these people taking pictures of them.

There were also some wild cosplayers but I didn’t take pictures of them because they had a sign up saying you had to have permission and there were people standing in singlefile lines just to take pictures of them.

I got tons of fliers and fans and a few cds of stuff. A couple things that I guess are little cell phone dangly things? I don’t really know.

I didn’t really play too many games because most things interesting like the Metal Gear Solid stuff had lines of an hour or so.

I did play what was one of the few FPS games there and I’m fairly certain it was the only one that hasn’t been made by a North American or European company. It was called PaperMan and its gimmick was that all of the character models looked like something out of PaRappa the Rapper. All of the character models were 2d and so if you looked at someone from the side it was hard to see them. In the trailer they played there was a scene where one person shot through a hole in another person and hit a 3rd guy. I’m not sure if that is actually possible but if so that is pretty neat.

I stood in line for about 20 minutes to play it and there wasn’t really anything all that interesting about it aside from the looks. The weapon models look straight out of Counter-Strike but there were only like 4 weapons in the demo. The characters moved really slow. There are some powerups but they didn’t seem to do much.

Take a look at the flickr set of pictures if you want. I’ll post some videos in the morning.

Tomorrow, Akihabara!

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