I’m done with it even if it isn’t done!

So I turned in my draft of my prospectus a week and a half late. Oh well.

I did a bit of pruning and adding to the blogroll so check it out.

I always like checking out new gaming blogs and it is sad when one stops updating or disappears. There are a couple I left on the list that haven’t updated for about 6 months and I just can’t make myself delete them. I keep hoping that they will update again some time. I know I’ve gone a month or two without updating so I try to cut them some slack. I’ve been blogging on my own website since January of 2004 and on on geocities since around mid-2002 and I know it is tough to keep updating so I’m hoping that the blogs will come back to life. (which reminds me, I’ve got some old posts over on geocities somewhere I should import. I guess that is what winter break is for…)

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