History is written by the Americans?

I’m putting together a syllabus for a videogame course and of course I’m going to include some history. Are there any videogame histories written from a non-USA perspective (that are in English)? I would like to see something that wasn’t so USA-centric even if it is just a good medium length to long article.

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  1. Shinji Yamane

    From Japanese viewpoint(http://www.gamescultures.org/index.php/Japan),
    Steve Kent had interviewed with some Japanese game developerers and wrote good non-fiction book.
    Susan Lammers’ Programmers at Work (http://shop.sdmediagroup.com/ddj/store/1008.html)
    had also included the interview with Toru Iwatani.
    However, they may be not for the purpose of the historical study. ..

  2. Paul Herzberg

    I’m pretty sure Trigger Happy by Steven Poole has a UK bent.

    I think the main difference between a US and UK history would mostly come down to the popularity here of the ZX Spectrum and the bitter rivalry between owners of that machine and the C-64 (later replicated almost exactly with Amiga/ST flame wars).

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