Screwed by Securom once again

Once again I’ve installed a crack when a game wouldn’t work because of securom.

This time it was Bioshock. I found a cheap copy on ebay and it arrived so I installed it. Unlike other securom games this time it actually installed. But they added some crappy online activation and it wouldn’t activate so I couldn’t play it.

So I go online and 5 minutes later I’ve downloaded the crack and I can now play the game I paid for. Of course I could have found it faster if I had only wanted to download the entire game and not just the crack because there are tons of cracked isos online.

So copy protection is good how? It only keeps me, who pays for the games, from actually playing the games and doesn’t seem to do anything from keeping the people who want to download it without paying for it.

Thanks for nothing securom…

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