Old Videogame Magazines are interesting

As part of my gaming research I’ve started looking at older gaming magazines. I always heard about how great Next Generation magazine was but I never read it. So I got some on ebay and I’ve only gone through 5-6 issues and already found some really interesting things.

One of those interesting things was in issue 48. In that issue they interview Gabe Newell and on page 143 of that issue they ask Newell about things he wanted in Half-Life that didn’t make it in and he mentioned something about Half-Life that I never heard before. Newell said,

“Probably the biggest aspect from a story perspective was Gordon’s wife. She actually was a co-worker who was in the lab with Gordon when everything starts to go to hell. Unfortunately, she didn’t work with some other parts of the game, and Marc Laidlaw had to convince me that leaving her out would make the rest of the story stronger.”

So Gordan Freeman originally had a wife! I wonder if they plan on bringing that story element back in a future installment of Half-Life? Unfounded speculation might guess ask if perhaps we have already met her but she doesn’t work for Black Mesa?

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