Submissions and such

So I managed to get my paper submitted to Digra’s 2007 Conference in Japan. Hopefully I’ll get in. And then hopefully I’ll be able to afford to go!

I’m also working on editing the template on my new version of the blog. It isn’t going to look all that different, but I’m just no expert at html and css, so I have to muddle through the best I can.

I’ve also been putting in marathon sessions on Freedom Force vs The Third Reich. It shouldn’t be surprising that I’m really enjoying it. After all, I am a comic book nerd, I liked the first one, and I like City of Heroes. (On the other hand though, I thought Ghost Rider was not that good.) I’ll probably go finish beating the final boss as soon as I upload this post!

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  1. kurt squire

    hey there — dunno if you got my previous message, but is back on the air! i was digging around for old stories and bumped into you (of course i still see you on gamesnetwork) and wanted to say hi and give you a shout out. it looks a little different (has me nostalgic actually). but, you’re welcome as always to post a hello or whatever.

    I hope that your studies are going well!