Digg is being ruined by self-promotion and spam

This isn’t really related to gaming, but it is something that i’ve noticed most in digg’s gaming news section.

Back in the day I was a huge fan of ZDTV and then later TechTV so I’ve followed Digg pretty closely almost from the first time Kevin Rose mentioned it on the The Screen Savers.

When Digg first started it was a pretty good source of news and info. Lately, however, it seems like 99% of the stories submitted to the gaming news section are just lame asses who take a press release from Sony or Nintendo, put it on their crappy blog and submit the link to their crappy blog to digg. They don’t submit stories from anyone else, and they don’t digg or comment on anyone else’s stories. OF course, if the people on digg would take ten seconds and look to see that a story was submitted from some site they never heard of, and that site is the only one the submitter ever submits, then the quality of digg might be a little better.

I realize that self submission isn’t against the rules or or anything, but it is just lame. Do we really need fifteen submissions to some crappy blogs telling us what games are going to be on the Wii this week? Call me crazy but I think if your crappy blog was any good people would submit it for you… …which is, of course, why my blog has never been submitted to digg.

There’s a lot of good gaming news in diggs gaming section, which is why the new version of the site is going to have my digg feed in a sidebar, but even after the diggs there is still a lot of crap. Does anyone else agree with me or am I the only one?

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