Just a reminder…

I haven’t seen this or anything, but as a reminder, GSN, the channel formerly known as the Game Show Network, is going to be showing a documentary Sunday night. It will probably be horrible and nothing that anyone didn’t already know, but in my mind, even horrible things about videogames are interesting, simply because they are on the air and are being seen by lots of people who probably spend less time thinking about videogames than us academic folks and as such even horrible representations of videogames are for many the only representations that they may see.

So be sure to tune in tomorrow night! Its got Tony Hawk! It must be kewl!

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  1. B. Rickman

    No matter how “horrible” it may be, it is always interesting to pay attention to these things. I mean, you’re interested in gaming culture and here’s a media take on what that culture is, and come Monday morning there will be dozens of blogs about how they “got it wrong” or “one or two things they got right”. As far as the title goes, “A Global Obsession” seems to be something of a hyperbole.