E3 still offers intersting observations…

Robin Hunicke has some really great commentary on E3 over at her blog. Even though I’ve never been to E3, her thoughts pretty well match my own observations of it, especially in light of Tore Vesterby’s blog post that mentions that :

Gamespy is offering an official DVD of E3 coverage. I guess the booth babes are as important – if not more important – than the games when looking at their pre-order site and their promo text:

You’ll get 4 DVDs packed with over 200 game
previews, press conference coverage, looks behind-the-scenes, editor
cameos, even a booth babe featurette — over 11 hours of video, total!

Here’s my note to the industry: Yes, heterosexual men find women attractive. However, there are lots of other people in the world besides heterosexual men. Sure sex sells, but I tell you what, even I, as one of those who is in the target demographic, am getting tired of T&A. If we want T&A there are other places to get that. I get a dozen emails a day telling me where I can get that in fact. Everything has its place, and there is room for a lot more variety than the industry is giving us.

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  1. meredith

    Yeah! You rock, Bryan.

  2. Bryan-Mitchell Young

    I forgot to mention it but in the pictures for the game based on the tv show, “The Shield,” in the background of the game there are posters for a porno titled “Donkey Punch 17” (or some number) now, if people don’t know what a “donkey punch” is supposed to be, I’m not going to tell you, but the inclusion of such a misogynistic, violent and degrading term in the background for no apparent reason is just incredibly offensive. There may be a very legitimate reason why that particular title was used, but it seems like the game designers were just trying to be “edgy” when in reality they just appare to be jerks.