Daily Archives: October 1, 2005

Jack Thompson, author

Jack Thompson, noted videogame hating, pithy email writing attorney has a book coming out. The title of the book is Out of Harm’s Way. The first chapter is available as a pdf and it seems to be an autobiography. Most of the first chapter is devoted to his conversion to Christianity. The odd part, however, is the the first before you get to that, Thompson has written a page and a half about Howard Stern, once saying that, “His new name should be Coward Stern.” Then we get three pages about an early encounter he had with Janet Reno (who Thompson once claimed was a closeted lesbian and would be unfit to be elected because someone might try to blackmail her about her sexuality… Except the fact that we know about this alleged incident seems to imply that it would be hard to blackmail her because Thompson already “outed” her…).

All in all name calling and offering a very unflattering portrayal of someone don’t seem very Christian to me…

Regardless, it once again raises an interesting dilemma. I really really want to read this book, but I also really really don’t want to give Thompson any of my money. Which will win out, my morbid curiousity or my morality? I guess time will tell once it comes out at the end of the year.